FAQ: Does Seachem Prime® make tap water safe? Do I need to add anything other than Prime®?

Prime® removes or detoxifies the most harmful chemicals present in tap water: chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, nitrite, and heavy metals.  That means that Prime® is all you need to ensure that your tap water does not contain chemicals that are directly toxic to your fish (except in unusual situations, such as tap water that is not potable).

That said, some fish are quite sensitive to water parameters like pH, GH, alkalinity (KH), and temperature.  If your tap water has a pH, GH, alkalinity (KH), or temperature that is significantly outside of a fish's preferred range, it can be very stressful to the fish for this water to be added to its aquarium.  Prime® does not alter any of these water parameters.  Every fish has a different preferred range, and all tap water is different, so it is up to the fish keeper to determine if their tap water has parameters that are suitable for their species of fish.  See FAQ: Preparing Water for Freshwater Aquariums for more info.

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