FAQ: Can I use Pristine together with ____________?

X Company's product

There are a lot of aquarium products on the market, and while most of them will work perfectly fine together in the aquarium, some will not.  We can't 100% guarantee any product that's not our own, but here's a few quick rules:

  1. Avoid using products that overlap in function.  Either one works and so it's the one you should be using, both work and so it's a waste to use them both, or neither work and you should be looking for a third, better product.
  2. Research the products you use carefully.  Most products are compatible or semi-compatible with bacteria supplements like Pristine, but some powerful medications will actually kill off live bacteria. 
  3. When in doubt, wait a day.  It takes the bacteria colonies in Pristine about 24 hours to settle down and find a solid surface to attach to.  If you think that the other product you are using might kill off the Pristine bacteria before it has a chance to attach, waiting 24 hours after your dose of Pristine to use the other product will prevent this from happening.


Seachem Products

It's safe to use Pristine alongside any of Seachem's products with the slight exception of other bacteria supplements. Using both will not have any ill effect in the tank, but it typically is not necessary.

Here's some Seachem products that are bacteria supplements

Stability aquavitro seed aquavitro remediation

As previously mentioned, it is fine to use these products together - they will not interact with each other. In most cases though, there is only minor benefit to using multiple bacteria supplements at the same time.

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