FAQ: Is it possible to overdose Seachem Purigen®?

Purigen® will never become toxic through overuse, but there are several situations under which it is beneficial to allow some organic waste to build up in the aquarium.  For example, some hobbyists will set up a style of tank referred to as "blackwater", and will intentionally allow tannins and organic acids to build up in the water to mimic a natural tannin-stained environment.  Purigen® absorbs tannins, so  it is not recommended to use Purigen® in this situation.

It is also worth remembering that bacteria colonies only grow as big as they need to be in order to process the amount of waste that is currently available to them. They do not "plan ahead" or "remember" - they simply grow or shrink according to the amount of waste they are currently receiving.  Protein skimmers, water changes, organic-absorbing resins, and fasting or removing fish will all reduce the amount of waste available to bacteria colonies.  If a gross overdose of Purigen® is in long-term use and is then suddenly removed, it may be necessary to help the bacteria colonies adjust to the new waste levels in the tank.  Under ordinary circumstances of use, bacteria colonies will easily adjust to this type of change with no issue or detectable fluctuations in nitrogenous waste levels, but if you are concerned, we would recommend doing a dose of Stability® or similar bacteria supplement.

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