FAQ: How do I remove the impeller of the Tidal® 75 and Tidal® 110 filters?

Impellers should be cleaned along with regular filter maintenance to keep your filter running smoothly.  If your filter stops working or seems to have a reduced flow rate, it is a good sign that the impeller may need to be cleaned!  Here is how to remove the impeller for cleaning or replacement.

1. Unplug the filter

You should never do maintenance on the filter while it is still plugged in.



2. Remove the pump housing

The pump is inside the pump housing.  Gently squeeze above the pump housing with one hand, grip the pump housing with the other hand, and pull downward to remove.



3. Slide the power cord out of the channel.

The power cord is set into a channel on the side of the filter to keep it looking neat.  Slide it out of this channel so that you can remove the pump.



4. Slide the pump to the right to detach it from the filter

The pump should slide smoothly out of the filter when pushed gently to the right.



5. Remove the impeller cover

The Impeller is held inside the pump by an impeller cover.  This is attached by two clips on the top and bottom of the pump.  Locate the top clip and gently pry it upward, pulling the cover away from the pump to remove.



6. Remove impeller

The impeller is locked in place by a final circular cover.  Twist this cover to the left to detach it, then pull to remove the impeller from its housing.










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