FAQ: Can I use Seachem KanaPlex™ together with _______?

Another Company's product

We are not aware of any toxic interactions with other current major medications or products on the market, but we very strongly recommend against using other medications or treatments in conjunction with KanaPlex™, as this is likely to stress the fish.  We also can't 100% guarantee any product that's not our own, but here's a few quick rules for using KanaPlex™ if you usually use a different brand for aquarium maintenance:

  1. Avoid using products that overlap in function.  KanaPlex™ is sufficient to clear out an internal or external bacterial infection all on its own; it is not necessary to use multiple antibacterials at the same time, and may in fact be quite stressful to the fish.  If your fish has both a bacterial infection and a different and serious infection like ich, we'd recommend using a medicated food blend instead of mixing the second medication into the water.
    1. a. MetroPlex™ food blends clear out internal and external bacterial infections like hexamita (hole-in-head), ich, and velvet. See the full instructions HERE.
  2. When in doubt, wait 48 hoursKanaPlex™ breaks down completely after 48 hours - if you need to dose another product and are concerned about possible product interactions, wait 48 hours and the KanaPlex™ should be completely exhausted.
  3. Do not use chemical filter media.  Medias like carbon are capable of removing medications over time.  When using medications, it is best to remove all chemical filter media.  It is perfectly fine to leave the biological media as well as any sponges and pads in the filter though!


Seachem® Products

KanaPlex™ does not directly react with any of the other Seachem® products, but it is not recommended to use multiple medications or treatments at once if it is not absolutely necessary to treat multiple infections. For more information about combining medications, check out FAQ: Can I use Seachem® medications together?

Also keep in mind that it is not recommended to make major alterations to water chemistry while using a medication, as this will likely stress the bacteria colonies.  Products like buffers and mineral additives can be used to make major alterations to water parameters, and while it is fine to use them in a  tank being dosed with KanaPlex™, care should be taken not to alter water parameters too quickly or too drastically. 

Here's some Seachem® products that are medications

MetroPlex™ SulfaPlex™ NeoPlex™


ParaGuard™ Cupramine™    

It is possible to use some of these medications together if you are treating multiple distinct infections, but it is never recommended to use multiple medications unnecessarily.

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