FAQ: Can I use Seachem KanaPlex™ in a tank where I'm keeping ______?

Possibly.  KanaPlex™ is an antibacterial medication that can be stressful to plants and invertebrates (corals, mushrooms, shrimp, crabs, etc.) if it is used directly in the water.  It should not be used in the water of tanks that contain plants or invertebrates for this reason.  It is fine to use KanaPlex™ in the fish's food in these kinds of tanks though, and is our preferred method for treating bacterial infections in reef or planted systems.

Fish that are more sensitive to medications (scale-less fish, sharks, rays, eels, etc.) should be treated with care. If you are concerned that your fish may be stressed by the use KanaPlex™, we recommend to start with a partial dose (1/4 to 1/2 the recommended dose) and work up to the full dose over time.  It is also less stressful on these fish to treat in the fish's food instead of the water.

KanaPlex™ Compatibility Guide

GreenThis product is safe for these tank inhabitants.  Take care to avoid sudden large shifts in water parameters within the tank, and review the dosing instructions carefully to avoid improper dosing.

OrangeThese tank inhabitants are more sensitive, and while the product can still be used on them, it's best to start with a partial dose and work up to the full dose over time.  

RedThis product is either notably stressful or utterly unsuitable for these tank inhabitants.  It would be best to opt for a different product if possible. Click tank inhabitant name for alternate products.

Black: There should never be any need to use this product in a tank with these tank inhabitants - we have no data as to compatibility for this reason. Click the tank inhabitant name for alternate products.

Freshwater Community Fish Saltwater Community Fish Scale-less fish
Sharks Rays Eels
Freshwater Sharks Freshwater Rays Freshwater Eels
Loaches Catfish Aquatic Frogs
Shrimp Snails Clams
Plants Corals Exotic Invertebrates
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