FAQ: If I am already using all the other Seachem Flourish® products, do I need to use Flourish® comprehensive?

Yes and no.  The use of Flourish® can be approximately replicated by using Flourish Potassium™, Flourish Iron™, and Flourish Trace™ (as well as a very small amount of Flourish Nitrogen™ and Flourish Phosphorous™).  If your tank already contains ideal levels of trace elements, potassium, and iron, then there is no inherent need to use Flourish® comprehensive as well.  That said, Flourish® comprehensive can be a helpful part of the dosing routine by establishing a "baseline" of nutrients that the other products can be used to build on - use of this product ensures that the plants always have at least the minimum amount of nutrients they need in order to grow.  

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