FAQ: Can I use Seachem Equilibrium™ together with _______?

Another Company's product

There are a lot of aquarium products on the market, and while most of them will work perfectly fine together in the aquarium, some will not.  We can't 100% guarantee any product that's not our own, but here's a few quick rules:

  1. Avoid using products that overlap in function.  Either one works and so it's the one you should be using, both work and so it's a waste to use them both, or neither work and you should be looking for a third, better product.  In the case of Equilibrium™, using multiple mineral supplements could result in a GH that is too high.
  2. Research the products you use carefully.  Typically, if a product or medication is volatile enough to react with a mineral supplement, the company will mention it on the label or website, or you can call in to check.
  3. When in doubt, wait a day.  While there should not be any interaction between Equilibrium™ and another product, leaving 24 hours in between the doses will avoid possible fish stress from rapidly changing water parameters.


Seachem® Products

It's safe to use Equilibrium™ alongside any of the other Seachem® products that are recommended for freshwater systems.  That said, using high quantities of phosphate-based buffers alongside high quantities of mineral supplements could result in notable precipitation.  This precipitation is non-toxic, but unsightly.  Take care with your dosing and avoid overusing phosphate-based buffers or mineral supplements to avoid this precipitation.                                                                                   

Here's some Seachem® products that are Freshwater Phosphate-based Buffers

Neutral Regulator® Alkaline Regulator™ Arowana Buffer™
Acid Regulator™ Discus Buffer® Betta Basics™

As previously mentioned, it is perfectly fine to use these products alongside a mineral supplement, just be sure not to overuse either product.

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