FAQ: Can I use Fresh Trace together with _______?

Another Company's product

There are a lot of aquarium products on the market, and while most of them will work perfectly fine together in the aquarium, some will not.  We can't 100% guarantee any product that's not our own, but here's a few quick rules:

  1. Avoid using products that overlap in function.  Either one works and so it's the one you should be using, both work and so it's a waste to use them both, or neither work and you should be looking for a third, better product.  In the case of Fresh Trace, using multiple trace element supplements when only one is needed could result in a slow buildup of trace elements in the system.
  2. Research the products you use carefully.  Typically, if a product or medication is volatile enough to react with necessary trace elements, the company will mention it on the label or website, or you can call in to check.
  3. When in doubt, wait a day.  While there should not be any interaction between Fresh Trace and another product, leaving 24 hours in between the doses will avoid possible fish stress from rapidly changing water parameters.


Seachem Products

It's safe to use Fresh Trace alongside any of the other Seachem products that are recommended for freshwater systems.  If you are maintaining plants, it is perfectly fine to use both Fresh Trace and a Plant-specific trace element supplement, but using more than two trace element supplements in the aquarium is typically unnecessary.  

Here's some Seachem products that are Freshwater Trace Element Supplements

Cichlid Trace Discus Trace Flourish Trace
Gold Trace Flourish  

As previously mentioned, it is fine to use these products together, but it is typically unnecessary to use multiple trace elements in the same system.

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