FAQ: Why would I need to use both Cichlid Lake Salt and Cichlid Trace?

Cichlid Trace and Cichlid Lake Salt will have the same type of minerals as these are the minerals known to be beneficial for Cichlids due to the fact that these are the exact minerals found in their natural environment, the African Rift lakes. That being said, the concentrations of these minerals are vastly different between the two products. Cichlid Lake Salt has much higher volume of these minerals. Cichlid Trace has the same minerals, but in trace levels. You can use both, Cichlid Lake Salt will be used to initially set mineral levels or it can be used when performing water changes to add minerals to the replacement water, and Cichlid Trace can be used a few times a week between water changes to provide a steady stream of nutrients that the fish will take in through their gills.

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