FAQ: I'm using Cichlid Lake Salt and my GH is slowly going down. What's going on?

Our Cichlid Lake Salt is a blend of mineral salts designed to help replicate the mineral conditions of the lakes in east Africa from where these Cichlids are native. This product will impact/build GH (general or mineral hardness) where needed. Once this product is used to create a GH value, the minerals are generally not consumed as fast as they can be replenished using this product with regular partial water exchanges. If your GH value has dropped a large amount in just a few weeks, there are a couple of possible explanations for this occurrence.

  1. These minerals are actually getting consumed by the vertebrate and invertebrate life in your aquarium (fish, plants, etc.) at phenomenal rate, or
  2. These minerals are being precipitated out of solution. This is possible if there is excessive phosphate or an excessive KH value present in the aquarium, possibly through use of phosphate based products, phosphate that may exist in the well water, or if your source water has an existing KH value . This is a more likely explanation.

To replenish these minerals, you can use Cichlid Lake Salt as needed to build GH. I would also discontinue use of any phosphate based products and use a phosphate remover like our PhosNet to cut down any phosphate that may be in your source water. An excessive KH (carbonate hardness) value will also precipitate some of these minerals out of solution similar to excessive phosphate being present in your system and precipitating out certain minerals. If this is the case, you can perform partial water exchanges to dilute your existing KH value.

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