Guide: What to feed?

Flake Food:

Seachem has a wonderful range of flake foods for a variety of fish Species. Seachem NutriDiet Flakes are premium and nutritionally balanced diets formulated to meet the requirements of all fish. They contain only the highest quality ingredients without low nutritional value fillers. All of the Diets have been fortified with GarlicGuard, chlorella, and Vitamin C for enhanced health and immunity. They contain a broad spectrum of all the important components needed in all fish diets: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.


Frozen Foods:

Frozen food can be a great source of protein and can be used as a treat for many fish species. To avoid nutrient deficiency, we recommend the use of Seachem Nourish for Freshwater fish and Seachem Vitality for Saltwater Fish.


Pellet Food:

The only pelleted food currently in the Seachem line is the NutriDiet Betta pellet. Betta fish typically have a high metabolism and require a diet rich in protein. As with any fish, vegetable matter is also important as well. Seachem NutriDiet Betta will provide a wide range of nutrient benefits, as it is rich in nutrient sources such as Alfalfa, Squid, Fish Meal, and Chlorella Algae. Betta fish prefer to eat several small meals versus one large meal, so feeding a few pellets a few times a day is recommended.


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