Guide: Keeping Fish in Winter


Seasonal changes can impact our aquariums, which can bring about unwanted stress. Consider these important tips during the cooler winter months.

 Check the temperature of the aquarium water routinely

  1. Have a backup heater in place if possible for if/when the primary heater fails
  2. Avoid large water changes that will drastically alter the temperature and other parameters of the water
  3. Keep an eye out for parasitic and fungal infections, as these tend to pop up during seasonal changes
  4. Take action on any noticeable sickness immediately and be sure to treat with the appropriate medication
  5. Always feed a varied and highly nutritious diet to ensure your inhabitants maintain a healthy immune system (i.e. Seachem’s NutriDiet Flake Foods)
    1. Soak food in a vitamin supplement such as Seachem’s Nourish or Vitality
    2. Soak food in a Garlic and Vitamin C Supplement such as Seachem’s GarlicGuard
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