Info: Alkaline Regulator Dosing Instructions

Use 1 level teaspoon (7 g) for every 40–80 L (10–20 US gallons) daily until intended pH is reached. Thereafter, use once a month or with water changes as required to maintain pH. To lower pH, use Neutral Regulator®. To target a particular pH use in combination with Neutral Regulator® following the chart. This chart assumes the use of unbuffered water (RO or DI). If water is already buffered use the chart as a starting guide. Use Prime® to dechlorinate tap water before doing a water change.

To target a particular pH use in combination with Neutral Regulator™ following the ratio chart below


Contains phosphate buffers and conditioning agents. Safe for all freshwater fish acclimated to alkaline pH.


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Alkaline Regulator Dosing Table

Water Volume 1 qt / 1 L 1 gal / 4 L 10 gal / 40 L 50 gal / 200 L

Dose (g)

min: 0.09 g

max: 0.18 g

min: 0.35 g

max: 0.7 g

min: 3.5 g

max: 7 g

min: 17.5 g

max: 35 g

Dose (tsp)

min:1/80 tsp

max: 1/40 tsp

min: 1/20 tsp

max: 1/10 tsp

min: 1/2 tsp

max: 1 tsp

min: 2 1/2 tsp

max: 5 tsp

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